Research Data Risk Classification Self-assessment Tool

As an institution, we are tasked with being good stewards of data, and part of that is making sure we are in compliance with the various federal, state, local, and institutional regulations related to data. More and more you will see references to data risk levels as our systems respond to regulations and changing cybersecurity threats. The levels for data classification for the NU system are low, medium, and high and are described in NU Executive Memorandums 41, and 42.

Research data can be complex, so the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) developed a self-assessment tool to help with classifying the risks associated with research data that is used and stored at UNL. The results can be used to make decisions related to your research and scholarship, to safeguard your data/devices, and help you interact with UNL systems where your research data risk level is relevant. 

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Please note that when aspects of your data would be classified under different levels of risk, the highest classification will be used for the greatest security and coverage. Also, this tool is specific to research data – to classify institutional data, please use the NU ITS tool.

If you have questions about this process or the research tool, please contact Alian Kasabian.